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Magical Spray Makes Everything an Antenna [Video]

We’ve all had issues with cell phone reception at one point or another. Sometimes there’s just not enough cell towers to blanket an entire area, or the antenna on our phone is just too weak. If you’re sure you’re not holding it wrong, then perhaps you could use Chamtech Enterprise’s just unveiled spray-on antenna.

At Google’s inaugural Solve For X conference, the Utah-based company revealed their nanotechnology, which can be sprayed on to trees, walls, the ground, people… just about anything, to increase and improve signal reception for any variety of uses. Currently, Chamtech is working with government customers, but plans to eventually take the technology to mobile phone and medical device makers. They say it uses organic elements to tinker with magnetic and radio-frequency fields, improving mobile energy efficiency by 10 percent. 

The technology is said to even work more than a mile underwater, making it perfect for use by weather and oceanographic researchers, underwater welders, rescue workers, and others who could benefit from improved reception in adverse conditions.

Could we be saying goodbye to ugly cell towers in our near future?

View Chamtech CEO Anthony Sutera’s presentation from Solve For X below:

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source: chamtech
via: engadget