Apple Moves Down The Queue, Sues Motorola Over Qualcomm License

Do I have a surprise for you! Well no, not really. Just another Apple vs. Motorola lawsuit, and this time Apple claims that Motorola’s German lawsuit against them breaches terms of a patent licensing agreement between Motorola and Qualcomm. Details are scarce at the moment, as both Motorola and Apple have declined to comment on the case and Qualcomm representatives can’t be reached.

In the coming weeks (or even days) Google is expected to receive approval of their multi-billion dollar takeover of Motorola. Google also announced earlier this week its intent to licence Motorola patents on fair and reasonable terms if the deal goes through. This could mean that not only is Apple picking a fight with Motorola, but in the grander scale, another fight with Google itself. Seems like Apple is a bully in the playground and Google is the kid that plays all their moves right to gain the upper hand.

source: reuters

About the Author: Josh O'Donnell

Josh is a 22 year old Canadian living in Mississauga, a suburb of Toronto. He was introduced to his first computer experience when he was six years old, and from there went on to develop an interest for software engineering. A recent iOS defector, after using Android he'll never go back. He plans on attending college to obtain an advanced programming diploma, which he plans on using to develop web and Android apps.

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    Slave labor, incessant lawsuits to stifle competition, a closed software environment, overpriced devices…. Whats not to love with Apple?