Looking to get your hands on Droid 4 wallpapers and ringtones? Look no further…

There are many hooks that draw us into the Android Ecosystem for the first time but it surely must be the tireless support from the developers that keep us coming back for more. The latest example of the awesome work going on has seen Androidcentral forum mainstay, Jerry Hildenbrand working hard dissecting a Droid 4 to bring us it’s hidden bounty. Jerry has selflessly packaged together the wallpapers and ringtones for your immediate perusal.

The Droid 4 is available to order right now but if you’d prefer to get a little taste sooner rather than later, hit the links after the break.

Ringtones: Download (15MB)

Wallpapers: Download (13MB)

System dump:
Part 1 (100MB)
Part 2 (100MB)
Part 3 (3.6MB)

source : androidcentral


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5W4QLYBUWIYQ6D5JLXTCNJT3F4 Patrick

    The wallpapers and ringtones are essentially the same as other motorola phones..nothing different.