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Motorola’s Xoom joins the ranks of AOKP

The relatively new ROM on the block, Android Open Kang Project, or AOKP, just added another device to its support stable. This time it’s the Motorola Xoom. Quite a few of you are running AOKP now on your Nexus phones and Galaxy Tabs and from the sound of it, a lot of people love this ROM, myself included. AOKP serves up Ice Cream Sandwich, with all the fixings. Built from AOSP 4.0.3, the ROM includes features such as custom power toggles, working Facebook contact sync, *deodexed app files, and much more.

Flash the ROM in the usual way,

  1. Make sure you’re on the latest CWM
  3. Wipe data/factory reset in recovery — a must if coming from a stock-based ROM
  4. Flash ROM
  5. Flash Gapps
  6. Reboot

You can choose to download either nightly “experimental” builds or stable “milestone” builds. Hit the source link for a list of more features.

*For those unfamiliar with the term “deodexed,” check out our explanation here.

via: AndroidCommunity
source: RootzWiki