White Version Of Samsung Galaxy Note Spotted Out In The Wild

Photo Courtesy of Pocket-lint


The Samsung Galaxy Note phone/tablet is no doubt a cool device, that’s a gimme. Well Samsung took the device and threw on some white covers, making it even more attractive than it already was. The fine team at Pocket-lint got a chance to go hands-on with the newest color of the Galaxy Note. While the white version is identical to black version (same processor, RAM, camera, etc.), there are some noteworthy differences that were pointed out. For starters the back of the white version is gloss white, while the original black version was matt-mottled. It is suspected that the gloss white was done on purpose in order to make the shinier plastic being easier to clean and prevent it from getting as dirty quickly. They also note, the S Pen pressure-sensitive stylus has a matt finish, and could become grubby with constant use, but is unlikely since most users won’t be using it very much.

Boy the device sure looks great in white. Let’s see how many people will move towards the white version of the phone/tablet, despite it potentially getting dirtier faster than the black version. Which color do you prefer? Let us know in the Comments section below.

source: Pocket-lint


  • Ivanctsnokia

    At first glance, i really prefer black but unfortunately
    Black is out of stock and brought white. After a while,
    White is stunning great.

  • Atticus679

    I preordered the white version and can’t wait to get it “on or before the 17th”

  • http://twitter.com/Jorj_X_McKie Ivor Thomas

    Pre-ordered white too.