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Telus Launches Optik TV App for Streaming TV and Movies on the Go

Good news for you Canadian readers who have Telus as their wireless carrier. Telus has just released an app in the Android Market that works in conjunction with thier Optik TV service and allows users the ability to watch select content on their mobile devices. Channel selection is a bit limited at this time but currently you can tune in to HBO, YTV, Baby TV, two Disney stations, and a few more. Whats neat is that the service doesn’t end with mobile devices either, Telus also offers an online portal for any web-enabled device. You can even watch Optik TV with your Xbox Kinect, gestures and voice included.

Once Telus’ LTE service kicks off, you can bet this app will be a hoot. Imagine watching your favorite HBO shows on the go without the streaming lag-time associated with 3G service. I imagine LTE should hit Telus soon, more than likely alongside the Galaxy Note launch in the middle February.

If you’re a Telus customer and want to go get the download, I’ve included a couple handy links after the break. While you’re there, you might as well check out the promo video for the Optik TV app, too!

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  • gUEST

    Ha,  if it only worked.  Looks like a rush job, dictated by management to be released even though it doesn’t work.  More comments on the android market saying “doesn’t work”, than awesome”.

  • Anonymous

    I prefer the DISH Remote Access app so much more, and I agree with the first comment; everything I’ve seen about this is saying that it doesn’t work. The DISH Remote Access app allows for streaming of all of my channels, not just select channels, and I can even access my DVR at any time. This is a completely free service, all that’s required is the Sling Adapter which my supervisor at DISH told me that they’re running specials for.

  • Johnny5

    Streaming TV? More like streaming a few limited ‘On Demand’ shows. Does not support good ol’ live TV.