Latest comScore Shows Android is Top Dog and Samsung is King

It seems every month we’re getting different statistic reports on which mobile OS has the highest market share. A couple weeks a go, Neilsen released a report showing that Android is still top dog when it comes to Apple vs. Android, and to no surprise Android took the lead by 16%. Just yesterday, comScore released a new study that corroborates with Neilsen’s, and actually shows Android jumping up 1% a month over a 3 month average (keep in mind Nielsen’s report reflected new smartphone buyers in Dec. only) Despite the iPhone’s massive increase in sales recently, it just isn’t enough for them to gain much ground in the battle for #1.

As you can see, it’s kind of a loosing battle when you are competing against Android and iOS as they continue a trend of stealing market share from BlackBerry, Windows, and Sybian.

As far as OEM’s go, Samsung continues to dominate the hardware sector, claiming 25% of all mobile phones ‘used’ in the third quarter. LG and Motorola complete the top 3 with Apple hot on their heels. RIM on the other hand is just barely holding on while dropping down to 6.7%.

In other exciting comScore news, 75% of US mobile subscribers used text messaging on their phones while 48% downloaded applications. Games were played by 31% and only 24% listened to music. Keep in mind this is across all OS’ and not Android alone. I bet if you were to survey Android users you would get a much higher percentage in all categories. I mean, we are cooler than the rest, aren’t we? :-D

For more stat-filled facts hit the source link below.

source: comscore



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