Vodafone HTC Magic UK Pre-Order April 17th 2009

Vodafone UK have today confirmed that their upcoming Android phone (the HTC Magic), will be available to pre-order from April 17th ahead of it’s official release on May 1st.

In an email distributed to it’s UK affiliates, Vodafone also revealed the HTC Magic phone will be available from £30 per month package that will include 600 minutes, unlimited SMS text messages, and unlimited internet and email.

  • Rich

    Any ideas on how much the phone will be at that price?

  • admin

    It hasn’t been confirmed, but i would imagine the handset will be offered Free – similar to the T-Mobile G1 tariffs.

  • Estaril

    what will be the contract length? i hope it will be 12 months…

  • calum

    there is no way that’ll be 12 month, 18 for sure

  • dunnerz


    When will people learn. Ordering is something you do before you make a purchase, otherwise you’ve make a purchase. Just because it isn’t on sale yet, doesn’t mean that it’s a pre-order, it’s still an order.

    You don’t make your order, to later make your order ! Shocking.

    Anyway – heard there will be a £25 a month 2 year option too.

  • brie987

    Wow that is like $50 a month for 600 min and unlimited text and data!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell I pay over double that in USA!!! Tmobile. Why!!!!!

  • http:www.mooproductions.org CaseyB

    What about the Document Viewer? Is that a known feature of Cupcake and I’m just out of touch?

  • JonB

    Just pre-ordered mine for £10 (refundable) at my local Vodafone store today – latest details on RELEASE DATE IS 9TH OF MAY! Bloke in shop said this is likely to change.

    Dunnerz: pre-ordering refers to the process of expressing an interest about a product before it’s actually available to order – it ensures that once the item *is* available to order, your pre-order is put at the top of the list.

    B.T.W. the 9th is a Saturday(?)

    Cheers, Jon

  • denisse

    i was wondering what colors will the htc magic lmfao come out in anyother colors.and if soo what colors