Bamboo ADzero Phone Gives the Word Gorgeous a Whole New Meaning

With the over abundance of Android smartphones in some variation of white, black or gray out there it may be hard for an Android manufacturer to distinguish their phones amongst the crowd. One might have to go to extraordinary heights in order to achieve uniqueness. Enter the ADzero concept phone. It’s an Android smartphone made out of bamboo and was created by 23 year-old Middlesex University student Kieron-Scott Woodhouse.

As of right now there are no details on the hardware that’s running in this gorgeous looking device but it’s “approximately half the weight of an Apple iPhone, while boasting a larger screen.” The hardware is accompanied by a unibody design crafted out of a single piece of four-year old organic bamboo. While there aren’t full details about the hardware, editor Stacy Bruce was able to confirm that current prototypes are running Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich (see below). 

Keiron-Scott had this to say:

“The whole experience so far has been incredible and completely unexpected. Completing my final year and working has been challenging, but my course and the project complement each other well and it’s a great start of my career. I can’t wait to see my mobile phone in shops this year.”

Originally we would have only seen the Bamboo ADzero phone in China but it appears that this is going to hit boutique stores in the UK also. I’m not sure about a US release as of yet, as there are no concrete details regarding a release so only time will tell. However, if you are in China or the UK look for these oh-so-gorgeous devices and if we can get our hands on a review unit look for a full review down the road. Scroll down a bit further to check out the gallery on this drool-worthy device. Enjoy!



source: Pocket-lint

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