Talk Android decompiles ICS FaceLock.apk – Majel are you in there?

So if you haven’t realized from my posts by now, I like to experiment with Android from time to time and today was one of those more special days. While poking around FaceLock.apk, which I decompiled with apktool, I opened this. The screenshot above portrays a file “arrays.xml,” which contains what looks like phrases to be presented on the lock screen when a user’s face is not recognized. As those of you fortunate enough to run ICS know, currently an unrecognized face only returns “Sorry, don’t recognize you” or in some cases “Couldn’t find a face.”  Aside from a different spelling of “recognize,” the list above also offers a substantially more varied output. So what is the meaning of this? I supposed it could be simply leftovers, never scrapped before release, or, letting my optimistic imagination run just a little bit, perhaps this is some preliminary work towards a future update; Majel maybe? It’s a stretch, but the varied and pretty casual responses seem more AI like to me. In any case, an interesting little something indeed.


About the Author: Jim Farmer

Originally from Mathews Virginia, Jim is now residing in Newport News where he attends Christopher Newport University, majoring in Computer Science. He interns with NASA Langley by day, and scours the internet for Android News by night. In his free time, he enjoys stand-up paddle-boarding, pwning on XBOX Live, coding, or hanging out with his favorite gal in the world, Morgan. His hero is Dean Kamen, you know, aside from Andy Rubin, and as for politics he’s for Open Source, Net Neutrality, and Unlimited Data.

  • Taylor Wimberly

    Nice find! This is very interesting.

  • Jeff Fate

    It looks like engineers having fun to me – like an easter egg.  Maybe they just disabled the varied failure phrases when they decided to make it a major selling feature for ICS…

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, you’re very likely right.
      It occurs to me that this xml file is the actual reference for what actually displays on screen since it doesn’t include “Couldn’t find a face,” and it spells “recognize” differently. So it would seem this file goes unused. I was going to go back through and see where the actual source of the lock screen error message is because, quite frankly, I’d like to modify the APK to include these responses on my Galaxy Nexus lol

      If any XDA guys are reading this feel free to beat me to it. I’m by no means an Android developer. Yet.