Huawei G3 Android Phone Coming To T-Mobile

Huawei have confirmed that they will be launching the third Android phone on the T-Mobile network later this year.

The upcoming handset is called the G3 and although details are scarce, the device will include a 5 mega-pixel camera, Wi-Fi and a 3mm headphone jack.

‘I can confirm that Huawei will be releasing the third Google phone on T-Mobile this year.’ – Huawei spokesperson.

The Huawei G3 phone will mark T-Mobile’s second exclusive Google phone following the G1 which launched late last year.

The T-Mobile G3 is expected to be available sometime after July of this year – we’ll keep you posted on any future developments.

[via Android Phone]

  • eroldan

    How come this phone looks somewhat like the iPhone?

    I guess we will have to wait and find out what this new Android phone can and cannot do.

  • OrganizedFellow

    If that’s the G3, where is the G2?
    hhmm, did I miss a blog post?

  • Gimp

    As long as it fixes what the G1 is missing: bigger battery, bigger screen, thinner, camera with autofocus/flash, and 3.5mm headphone jack (what the heck? 3mm jack??!) I will be happy.

  • some dude

    the g2 is the HTC Magic

    nothing special its like the g1 just no slide out keyboard

    the G3 will be something special.

  • none

    The G2 is the vodafone magic.

  • Charlie

    Any details about this phone?

  • free

    Hmm I seen the g2/magic, it looks ok. But I think the wing 2/ HTC touch pro 2 looks way sexier. And the reason why the g2 is called the magic is because its gonna b available on another carrier as well. So they can’t call it the g2. But the g3 is going to be only for tmoblie

  • http://dell breona

    that g3 is so cuzt omg i need to get one the day it came out

  • breona

    that g3 is so cuzt i need to get one like that the day it came out……lol so cuzt.

  • breona johnson

    i need to get one the day it came out

  • Olivia Kai

    Wow, it looks so much better than the tmobile g1 and g2!

  • Houston Strip Clubs

    I just hope google doesn’t go full touch with this. The formula for success is pretty simple. It must have
    Slide out querty keyboard with backlite keys
    5+ MP autofocus camera with VGA video 30 FPS minimal
    3.5mm head phone jack
    800 x 480 touch screen
    Must be able to run for more than 8 Hours talk / data
    SD card slot
    GSM sim card compatible
    3G data compatible
    Wifi Compatible
    2nd camera for Video conferencing over 3G
    IR port so you can change the channels of the TVs at the gym

    Maybe a cooler exterior too.
    ( chrome, flat black, gloss black, and a variety of custom leather cases made from only the rarest of hides )

  • factdroid

    Understand that t-mo is a European company. Thus more advanced devices are released in Europe first. We in the US will get the lower models. Prime example, USA gets “The Dream” while Europe gets “Magic”. Next round, G2 in the US is actually the hand me down “Magic” while Europe will get the Huawei G3. Expect that G3 to come to the US around the same time next year. No regrets though becaus by the time we get the hand me downs, they’ve already upgraded the software *note, the hardware remains the European version release so no tears please.

  • rudy

    I will love to have the G3 phoneand I will pay anything to have it for me and my son.It looks ten times better than the iphone

  • mike harpe

    the g2 is called the mytouch. it doesnt have a keyboard at all. it has an on-screen keyboard like the black berry storm. as for the parent company for tmobile it is deutsche telekom they originated in germany. tmobile in the us started out as western wireless, then became voice stream, then merged with duetsche telekom.

  • KAY

    WTF WHAT BOUT THE G1 V2?????????????????

  • rudy

    How late this year is the phone come out I want to buy assp

  • ashy

    when exactly does it come out

  • Charlie

    This is really the G4 if it’s real which seems like it is because there has been the G1 by T-moblie, the G2 HTC Magic by Vodafone, the G3 HTC Hero named by T-moblie the G2 and now this smart looking G4

  • Richard D’Crus

    it is simple how G1 became widely popular. Its because its different. It had the best of both world that none of phone industry had. It had a qwerty keyboard and also touch screen. If the rest of the G’s continue with all full out touch i dont think it will continue to keep its current audience. i hope that the g1 would have a upgrade layout 2 turn out like hw the n97 has. with the fun applications on ur menu screen it will be so cool and the best. but if the G3 is just a copycat of the iphone why bother create the G1 for the amazing different unique layout of an ordinary phone?

  • Vin

    The G3 is the second installment of the google android line of hand held devices. The only reason its called the G3 and not the G2 is because of the line of Gatorade named G2.

  • chad

    all of the people here just guess and speculate…i work for tmobile and the Mytouch 3g is what you can consider the G2 (aka vodafone magic)…gatorade owns the rights to the “G2” logo so obviously we cant use it…

  • I love the G1

    Is the G3 going to have a qwerty keyboard? The G1 was amazingly user friendly. I think it should be somewhat like the HTC Touch Pro 2 except better and not windows mobile based… the google OS is cool as fuck and I am able to do whatever I want taskwise… If they are not able to impress me with the G3..I am going to upgrade to the blackberry 9700 Onyx whenever T-mobile comes out with it.

  • Susannah

    any one wondering where the G2 is ..
    it’s called a mytouch.
    and all it is –
    an exact replica of the G1 without a keyboard.
    it does nothing special either.

  • Stephan

    the g2 is the mytouch they couldent call it g2 becuase gatorade has The name G2 copyrighted therefore they made a different name aka my touch

  • Nancey Uffelman

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  • marky 29

    I live in Scotland and have a htc hero on tmob which the start up screen calls a g2 touch

  • Teresa Humason

    1 day old TP2 and owning some adjustment shock. I will appear thoroughly thru this internet site, nonetheless it is so unique from my q and my palm 800 which have been both largely the very same. Right now the only factor I actually fully grasp is ways to access world wide web ( which is why I purchased it ) Creating calls recieving messages is more challenging, moving photos to TP@ so I can use it like a viewer looks impossible. I can move them but i want them to become quickly observed for the device. Finding out curve I hope is all.

  • Ardella Mihm

    I’m having a slight dilemma . I want to get myself a good phone and I’m having trouble to make up my mind on which one to select. First of all, i thought of the Samsung B3310, which my buddy has. It appears pretty tough, and all seemed cool, but i began looking at other phones. Now my biggest dilemma is deciding between the Nokia X3 and the Samsung i900 Omnia. All suggestions are welcome.

  • Avery King

    Wow, you people couldn’t be more wrong about ALL of this. Even the post is completely wrong and out of wack.

    Those of you who are actually believing that this “G3” is going to be the real G3, are complete idiots.

    Not to mention the REALLY stupid people that are calling the myTouch 3G the “G2”.

    The myTouch series is a TOTALLY different series developed by HTC and branded by T-Mobile. The “G-Series” trough T-Mobile is a totally different series of Android phones. They are keeping the originality of the G1 within the G2. The G2 DOES feature a full slide out QWERTY keyboard and does look similar to the G1. Not to mention it also has the Z-hinge swing out keyboard instead of a slide out keyboard to keep the originality of their “G-Series” phones.

    Those of you who are saying that T-Mobile can’t use “G2” as a trademark because Gatorade has a thing called the “G2 Series”, you are total morons. T-Mobile’s “G-Series” is totally different from the “G2 Gatorade Series”. Besides if you go back and look at the timeline, you’ll see that T-Mobile had the “G-Series” before Gatorade, so if anyone should be claimed for copyright infringement it should be Gatorade, but it’s not going to happen because it’s COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!

    Going back to the myTouch series, the myTouch originally came out as a sister phone to the G1 because they’re both developed by HTC and branded by T-Mobile. They then decided to go with the myTouch series when it came to developing more phones for them because they had such a popular demand for them simply because the G1 was originally designed so badly that it couldn’t even be updated to the new Android OS.

    HTC then discontinued the make of the phone and released the myTouch 3G Slide in place of the G1. They then decided to come out with the G2! The G2 is NOT what people claim to be the “HTC Magic”!!! The phone that is actually the HTC Magic is the myTouch 3G!

    Compare them!

    The G2 was actually released in late of 2010, and it was released as the successor to the G1. There has been NO WORD on a G3 WHAT-SO-EVER. This phone that you’re seeing here is an imitation device…

    Think about it… If you go to you can see what the REAL G2 looks like.

    Also, read the specs and the reviews.
    You’ll see that HTC stated they wanted to stay true to the G-Series phones by integrating a FULL QWERTY keyboard, a unique design, and original Android operating system (only that it would be upgradable and more updated) that’s why they didn’t preload it with HTC Sense UI because they wanted to stay true to ANDROID since the G1 was actually the VERY FIRST Android phone to market.

    So think about it… If HTC and T-Mobile decided to launch a G3 in the future. They’re not going to release a device that is as stupid and simple as this. Not to mention, they’re not going to release a G3 that is only capable on running a 3G network seeing that their new G2 is now a 4G phone! Therefore, to make a G3 that ran on a 3G network and not 4G would actually be a step down for them!

    If they develop a G3, they’ll stay true to the G-series by integrating a FULL QWERTY keyboard, unique design and stay true to the original Android interface (with the latest version of the OS).

    So there, all you people that come on here acting like you know what you’re talking about. Make sure that you do your research before you pretend to know everything. Because BELIEVE ME, I’ve done mine.

    • Nochancewithd

      Love love this
      I own a G2 and can’t wait for G3.. the real one…… :)
      Very durable phone!!

  • rich

    Avery King

    Nice one. I have had one iphone, a G1, and now I am the proud owner of the G2. I pre ordered it late last year. I am so happy with it. You were stating all of the facts right. You never even said what your favorite phone is. Nice move. With that being said, this G2 is my favorite. Just like any phone they all have flaws. I hope they do come out with a REAL G3 soon though with the QWERTY keyboard. Thanks again for setting it straight.