McAfee acquires tenCube, makers of WaveSecure

Awhile back, we did a review and giveaway of WaveSecure, an app that allows you to remotelyloss and theft of your Android device. Now, tenCube, maker of WaveSecure, is set to be acquired by McAfee.

According to the official announcement on McAfee’s website, they say that the acquirement is set to:

  • Further establish itself as the leader in mobile security with the most complete set of mobile technologies—McAfee now has the technology needed for users and their families to locate, lock, encrypt, protect against malware, wipe, filter, manage, back-up, restore and access their data online
  • Leverage its expertise at the endpoint and in the cloud to broaden its existing mobile security portfolio beyond anti-malware, data protection, Web security and family protection
  • Expand the addressable device market with best-in-market mobile device platform support, including a wide range of mobile operating systems including Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone and Java powered feature phones
  • Combine the skills and resources of both companies to develop and deliver scalable solutions through global partnerships with mobile service providers and mobile device manufacturers
  • Expand the breadth of its device management solutions available for enterprise IT administrators to implement policies, assist users and enforce compliance for mobile applications across the enterprise

Darius Cheung, chief executive officer of tenCube, has commented on the acquisition, saying “Mobile devices have become an extension of our lives. Through this acquisition, McAfee can broaden its security capabilities and offer users protection and remote control of the phone whether it is in their possession or not. This means no more worries about the whereabouts of your phone or losing personal contacts, photos or messages.”

The procedure is on track to be complete by the end of August. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

[via McAfee]

  • AngryTechnician

    As an IT Manager, I’ve had countless bad experiences with McAfee’s security products, and frankly, no good experiences. Hopefully their recognition of the product strength of WaveSecure will extend to recognising they need to leave it the hell alone.

  • MOST Consulting, LLC

    Unfortunately, like AngryTechnician stated, McAfee’s products are – how do i say this nicely, sub par to it’s competitors products. I truely hope that this acquisition does not ruin the WaveSecure product.

  • texaganian

    Oh goody… now McAfee can take down our Android devices the same way their shoddy quality control took down Windows boxes all over the world a while back.