Google Kicks Off Android Developers Google+ Page, Encourages Hangouts and More

Today, Google made another step in the right direction in its latest effort to further engage with the Android development community by announcing the launch of the Android Developers Google+ page. The page is intended as “a place for Android developers everywhere to meet, share, and connect with the people behind the Android developer experience”. Even if you aren’t a developer this should be an interesting page to keep an eye on.

From Google’s recent addition of the Android developers Blog, Google Groups, Holo and the new style guide, and now G+, it clearly seems that the big G wants to make Android a more inviting place for developers. Not only will these outlets provide a place for devs to get together, it should prove to help Google in keeping everyone on the same page.

It kinda seems like god ol’ Andy’s all grown up now, huh? He isn’t just a cute little kid anymore… *sniffle*. So anyway, if you want to keep tabs on Google’s new Android developers G+ page be sure to hit the link below and add them to your circles. You never know if/when Andy might stop by!

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