Best Buy Set To Release Galaxy Note Phone February 14th, $249.99 Pricing For Telus And Bell Versions

Canadians are rejoicing today because they are set to receive the awesome Samsung Galaxy Note next month. Best Buy Canada has just confirmed it will unleash the phone to the masses February 14th for a cool $249.99 on a 3-year contract. Considering AT&T is set to release the phone around February 19th in the States, Best Buy’s release date looks to be accurate. Best Buy lists the device will operate with mobile carriers Rogers, Telus and Bell, though pricing information is mysteriously absent for the Rogers version of the phone. No word yet on off-contract pricing, but you can expect it will be around or over the $600 mark. If you’re in Canada and you fancy a Galaxy Note, head on over to your local Best Buy store and pre-order that bad boy today.

source: Mobile Syrup
via: Best Buy

  • N0ISV1

     Best Buy is doing there best to C.Y.A. and back stroke on the delivery
    of the G Note on 2/17, if you did the pre order to get it on this date?
    They have dropped the ball on some us big time?

    There C.Y.A. excuse now is the pre order of the G Note never meant
    anyone us would see it by 2/17, 2 days before the BB stores are
    scheduled to have it for sale?

    Most of us also received the sales order via e-mail from BB, in which it
    stated scheduled delivery of the G Note would be 2/10/12-2/15/12, but
    this date came and went, and NO G Note for most if not ALL of us? I
    questioned this false date with them, and got the same C.Y.A. BS

    What good did it do any of us, if you pre ordered from BB or AT&T,
    to have the G Note shipped after its available in the stores???