New Verizon MAP List Shows Discounted Motorola Phones Including Unreleased DROID 4

Verizon looks like it’s all set to swoon new and current customers according to a new MAP list. Select Motorola phones will be getting a major price drop as of tomorrow, January 27th. You’ll see among the noteworthy items the DROID Bionic falling to a mere $149.99 on contract and both the white/black versions of the DROID RAZR coming in at $279.99. If you look carefully though, you’ll see an unusual addition to the MAP list too as they included the DROID 4 slider phone as well. The price of the phone dropped from $249.99 to $199.99. That’s great and all, but the phone hasn’t even been released yet nor has Verizon given a estimated or formal release date. But hey, at least we’ll know the phone will come out at $199.99.

Tomorrow’s as good a time to pick up the newly released DROID RAZR MAXX or one of the discounted phones listed in Verizon’s MAP list, don’t you think?

[via Droid Life]