Samsung “SGH-T999″ Phone Appears, Indicates Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G Is On The Horizon

We have some interesting information about an upcoming Sammy device for T-Mobile. You may recall we casually mentioned something about T-Mobile announcing a certain HSPA+ 42Mbps-capable phone with the Snapdragon S3 dual-core chip. Since making a mention of the Galaxy S Blaze 4G, both T-Mobile and Samsung have been tight-lipped about further information on the device. However, we may have a treat for you all as we have some additional information to share with you all. For starters, the phone is also likely to be known as the SGH-T999. As you might not know, the T9x9 variant of Samsung phones usually indicate it is a higher-end model on T-Mobile’s network. So while the phone in question could possibly be a T-Mobile variant of the Galaxy Nexus— keep in mind an HSPA+ variant of the Galaxy Nexus already exists, so you’d think it would have already showed up in T-Mobile’s systems already. So it is more likely that we’re looking at the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G, especially with the screenshot above. We already knew the phone would have a clean Super AMOLED display but in addition, it looks like the phone will feature a sweet 720p display. T-Mobile is still mum on an exact release date of the phone, only stressing it will be available “later this year” according to the team at PocketNow. Stay tuned with Talk Android for further updates on this mysterious device.

[via TMoNews by PocketNow]