Want HDR Video Recording On Your Smartphone? Sony’s New CMOS Sensors Can Make It Happen (Video)

As I’ve always said, “Damn, if this isn’t an awesome time to be in the mobile industry“.  It’s no surprise that companies like Sony and Samsung produce incredible cameras to accompany their incredible handsets since they’re no strangers to the stand alone camera.  Sony has some of the best camera sensors one is ever going to find in a majority of their handsets.  Devices like the new Sony Ericsson Xperia Ion and Sony Xperia S house a 12 megapixel Exmore CMOS sensor with the ability to capture beautiful shots in a number of different conditions.  However, the company is looking to one-up itself by announcing an even better CMOS sensor which touts “RGBW Coding” enabling the ability to capture HDR video.


With their own proprietary technology, the company is able to reduce the size of the sensor significantly while also improving performance and power consumption.  Nicer camera, smaller footprint and uses less battery?  Yes Please.  Without getting too technical and at the risk of boring you to death, the RGBW coding allows for added white pixels to the traditional alignment of red, green and blue ones.  With efficient use of signal processing, the new coding structure allows a much higher sensitivity when low light is present.  And it does so with no added noise while preserving quality.  In addition, in bright light scenarios, the RGBW coding allows you to take HDR video ultimately enhancing contrast and clarity for optimal playback.  The company is looking to start shipping the new CMOS sensors this spring.  Look for an 8 megapixel sensor without RGBW some time in March and a 13 & 8 meg sensor with RGBW coding around June and August respectively.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.

[via Sony by Android and Me]