Verizon Assuring Their Customers Have Plenty Of Service For The Super Bowl, Bringing In Three COWs

Verizon is going above and beyond for their customers this year when it comes to making sure that they have plenty of coverage while at the Super Bowl.  Big Red has made it a priority to bring in three LTE enabled COW’s (Cell-on-wheels) for the event ensuring that you all will be able to Tweet your brains out.  With an expected attendance of 85,000 visitors heading to Indianapolis for the game, this should be more than ample.  In addition to the COWs, the Lucas Oil Stadium where the event will be held is now wired with over $69 million dollars in Verizon tech to meet the need of the masses.  If only every carrier bent over backwards for their customers like this.  I’m personally not a Big Red fan because of their pricing, however, I’m compelled to tip my hat towards the carrier as this is definitely going to get them in with the fans.  To break it down, Vz is providing 400 mobile antennas within the stadium for carrying voice and data in addition to 600 different WiFi stations able to support 28,000 simultaneous connections.  Damn.  Check out the video below where GottaBeMobile covered the entire set up.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.  Are you jealous that your carrier isn’t doing this? I sure am.

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[via GottaBeMobile by Engadget]

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  • Sluggo97

    Pretty inpressive/ when I went to the
    Saints supper bowl my iphone did not last
    thru the first qtr.
    the moment (well almost) i gothome
    ToShreveport i wentback to big Red and
    The Droids asap. And have never regretted