Asus MeMic, the Eee Pad MeMO’s Bluetooth Companion, Visits the FCC

If you’ll recall, during CES we had a nice meeting with the folks at ASUS and got a sneak peek at the new goodies they have in store for 2012. Although the Transformer Prime 700 pretty much stole the show, personally I was quite fond of the 7-inch MeMO 171 tablet. Not only is it equipped with a stealthily hidden stylus, it makes phone calls to boot.

Right now you are probably wondering why in the hell anyone would want to hold a 7-inch tablet to their face, right? Well you wouldn’t, and you don’t. You see, it comes with the ability to add this cool little handheld unit that is strictly used for making and receiving calls and text messages whilst you have the tablet in your bag, or elsewhere within Bluetooth distance. I dig this accessory so much that I am rambling on and not getting to the point of why I am writing this article — its approval from the FCC.

It appears that the handset Bluetooth accessory, called the MeMic, has recently stopped by the FCC. Based on recent device visits to the FCC, it’s safe to say that this little guy is getting set to be released. Still no word on whether or not this will land in the US, but if its tablet counterpart shows up in Q2 as we were told by ASUS, than it would be a shame if they weren’t offered as a package deal. This thing is too cool and if you missed it when we mentioned it earlier, you can check out our hands on at CES.

[via Engadget, FCC]



  • Hip Hop Website

    Besides phone calls, wouldn’t it be great for reading ebooks as well? And it accepts text messages? This is an all in one tablet. It has many uses.

  • KC

    Any NFC, please?   From hereon, NFC is mandatory for smart devices.  How else we make use of Android Beam, and a host of fat and upcoming NFC applications (banking, e-payment, parking, travelling, supermarket, drinks dispensers, tourists maps,etc.)

    perhaps this meMo Pad was just a little too early for NFC!  I love it, but it must have NFC…