According to Oracle, Google is making $10 million in annual revenue per day from Android activations

Recently Oracle made a surprising move in its Java lawsuit with Google by asking the court for a stay of its patent claims for nine months in favor of a near-term copyright trial. What’s most interesting is Oracle’s analysis on Google and the economic impacts of Android.

If you remember, Andy Rubin reported that Android activations are now at 700,000 per day. Oracle made the following statement about that:

“While this case awaits trial, more than 700,000 Android-based devices are activated every day, all fundamentally built around the copyrighted Java APIs and the enhanced performance enabled by Oracle’s patents. Each day’s worth of activations likely generates approximately $10 million in annual mobile advertising revenue for Google.”

There’s no indication of how Oracle came to this conclusion, but for whatever reason, it appears they’re assuming annual revenues of roughly $14 per Android user.

They also went on to say that Android is also important to Google for the growth of its social network Google+, and Android is not as open as everyone thinks.

One other interesting note is they’re predicting that daily Android activations will hit 2.5 million per day within the next twelve months. It will be interesting to see if that goal is met because that is one huge-ass  number.

[via foss patents]




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