Ice Cream Sandwich update for Motorola XOOM WiFi-only is officially rolling out to all

Last week we told you about the project for owners of the Motorola XOOM WiFi-only version. Yes, it’s the Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich update. Some of our readers let us know that they received the update last night so it’s now officially rolling out to all, but as usual it will be in stages so your device might not get it right away. If you haven’t received it yet, you should definitely see if you can manually pull it by going to Settings/About Tablet/System Updates. I would imagine it will take at least a week for everyone to receive the update.

Cheers Brian and Dave!


  • James

    And as usual the Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 is not getting any of this?Why did we ever fall into the samsung trap…

  • Qspr

    where is my update??? checking every minute but no luck :-(

  • Pratik

    When non-us xoom`s willl recieve ics update?

  • Denries

    I was told Aug 8th