ASUS Says Don’t Hold Your Breath For 3G Transformer Prime Tablet, For Now

Those of you hoping for a 3G variant of the ASUS Transformer Prime tablet are in for some bad news. Despite earlier reports and rumors of a 3G variant of the device, ASUS has gone ahead and dispelled any such thought of such a device and even adds “no such product exists on its current roadmap”. However, the company does expect to launch 3G versions for other high-end products in the Transformer family in the future. So there you have it folks— don’t hold your breath on any 3G Transformer Prime tablet… for now.

[via Focus Taiwan]

  • Mickey Prague

    We dont hold breathe for Asus anymore . Wifi on Prime is poor . 3G no exist . ICS fail . Price is hight . Asus support no friendly . No my money for Asus . NO WAY

  • Lee