Comcast DVR app coming to Android

Users of iDevices have been able to control their Comcast DVR’s with an app for quite some time now. Thankfully, due to Androids ever increasing popularity, Comcast is developing an app for Android as well.

“While one of the most popular features of this app is the ability to remotely control your DVR so you can record your favorite shows on the go, it also provides a number of other very useful phone features. My favorite is the ability to auto-forward calls to your home phone directly to your mobile device. In this way, if you’re at the beach or out of town, you’ll never miss a call. You can also receive “push” notifications that someone has left you a voicemail at home and you can check and listen to your home voicemail via the app. We hope to make the app work on as many different devices as possible, including  Android.”

[via comcast]

  • Adel Antado

    The only reason ANDROID users cannot hear COMCAST’S voice-mail messages on their mobile phones, as IPHONE users can, is because someone at COMCAST decided to require the use of APPLE’s Quicktime software to listen to voicemail via a computer. That was a mistake. GOOGLE has voicemail notification email as well and adopted mp3 for its users to listen to its voicemail. Mp3 does not have the restrictions which APPLE imposes with its Quicktime software, a program to protect the music industry instead of supporting the user. Moreover, in a competative market, Apple is not quick to modify its Quicktime for its competitor’s phones.

    I suspect there is either there is an APPLE-SPY at COMCAST, or some sort of APPLE-COMCAST illegal restrain of trade.

  • http://comcast Jay

    Funny, I just finished arguing with Comcast tech support (sic)and he refused to admit that Comcast was the problem. Motorola has already told me it is a Comcast issue. I downloaded the ap for my ipod and hear voicemail with no problem.

    TV interface is also a decade behind the industry. Comcast just wants to take our money and deliver mediocre products and services!!!
    Wish I had stayed with DISH!!!