Qualcomm: Five Android Powered Handsets Expected To Ship In 12-18 Months

android_small_image.jpgAccording to Sayeed Choudhury, a product manager for systems software at Qualcomm’s chip division, the company plan to launch five Android powered handsets within the next 12 to 18 months.

Choudhury also commented on the development of Android software, mentioning the use of location-based services and system optimization to achieve the lowest power and maximum throughput.

“Google has really thought through what Apple has just begun to unlock,” said Choudhury.

Comparisons between the features of iPhone and Android were also touched upon with Choudhury stating that the Android phones will have similar features to the Apple iPhone but at prices closer to mass market feature phones. He also went on to add that Android will sport better links to Web services for photo, video and more.
Qualcomm was one of the first companies to demonstrate a working Android powered device.

[via EETimes]