Samsung Epic Touch 4G Gets Official MIUI ROM

MIUI is one of the more popular ROMS out there. While at first one would confuse it with that of the iOS it’s so much more than that. Well until now those with a Samsung Epic Touch 4G on Sprint weren’t able to play with this ROM. In order to run this ROM you need to make sure that you are rooted. So hit the source and get your taste of MIUI. Let us know what you think.


[via XDA]

  • vaporizers

    After reading your post I can say no one can explain this thing better than you. Really good work you done here. Hope to see more good posts.

  • I am Skibbleshanks!

    I personally like this rom, its simple but you can do a lot with it. i had it on my Evo 4g and i finally put it on my epic touch. my only con is that my ringtones wont play when i get a call. just the generic (ugly) tones that came with miui (i like lyric tones over the flute, clank, frog stuff)… i believe i had the same problem with my evo once before. any ideas on whats really wrong?

  • mike griffin

    Good rom. Rear. Video recording is bunked and battery life is ridiculous. Have to charge almost three times a day with moderate use. Use as MP3 player and forget about even getting 30min of plaay time. But as the switch from evo to galaxy it is stilla good rom. Just flashed from blu Kuban. Now that’s a whopper of the Roms.. just saying.. cheeseburgers or a whopper..