Get Your Hands on the Purple RAZR on January 23rd

Photo Courtesy of Droid-Life

In a slew of 4G LTE device announcements this past week at CES by Verizon release dates were nada short of “in a few weeks” or “coming soon.” Well for those you folk who are wanting the Purple RAZR that was announced along side the RAZR MAXX will be happy to know that the folks over at Droid-Life were able to get their mitts on a release date. You can get your RAZR in purple on January 23rd. We still have yet to see a release date for the DROID 4 or the RAZR MAXX but hopefully soon. Also you will be able to get the black and white RAZRs with 16GB of storage on the 23rd as well.

[via Droid-Life]