UK Android Market Getting Paid Apps Tomorrow

T-Mobile UK have today announced that the UK version of the Android Market will receive access to paid applications from tomorrow.

“From tomorrow, UK customers will have paid apps on the phone, and there’ll be a wide selection of paid apps on the market.”

The news was revealed during a T-Mobile Android event in London earlier this morning, wherein T-Mobile UK’s head of internet and entertainment Richard Warmsley talked about the impact Android has made on their company and the mobile industry in the UK.

“It was a natural step to launch the G1 last year,” says Warmsley. “Our philosophy had very much been ‘open is better’. You might lose something in the short term in terms of control… but you get more people interested, there’s more innovation. Mobile network operators are not the only people with good ideas…”

Warmsley also went on to mention that at present sales of the G1 in the UK account for 20% of all their handset sales, with sales of the G1 believed to be hitting 70 per cent of the iPhone sales in the UK.

[via Android Phone]

  • matt

    Yay finally got paid apps now the only problem is that I can’t link my credit card

  • Nickedynick

    It’s great that we have access to the whole Market (US as well as UK), but I only have a debit card so can’t buy any US apps…

  • Sherloq

    “Mobile network operators are not the only people with good ideas…”

    Hmmmm… Moble Network Operators have never had any good ideas!!