AT&T & Samsung Finally Unleashes Official Android 2.3 Update For Captivate, Finally Allows Owners To Taste Sweet Gingerbread Victory

Well, AT&T may be a tad late with its pledge to update the Samsung Captivate to Gingerbread by the end of 2011, but hey better late than never, right? AT&T & Samsung have finally released the Gingerbread 2.3 update to the masses. In addition to the standard Gingerbread 2.3 features, Samsung highlights Captivate owners will enjoy the following enhancements and improvements with the update:

New User Features

  1. Download Management.
  2. Intuitive Text Input.
    • New layout for larger fonts and easy inputs
    • Word prediction. Multi-touch for numerical input (Shift + Numbers)
    • One-touch Word Selection and Copy/Paste

UI Improvements

  1. Fixed Top-menu in Gmail.
  2. Voice Search added into the search categories.
  3. Vertical play mode added for YouTube.

New Developer Features

  1. Enhancements for Game.
    • 3D Graphic driver updates
    • Additional Khronos standard such as OpenSL ES, EGL for better multimedia performance
    • Concurrent Garbage Collector technology imbedded to reduce lags in playing games


So the phone isn’t going to be updated to Android 4.0 or even seeing some sort of likeness of Android 4.0, big deal. The improvements and enhancements in the 2.3 update should more than suffice for the average Captivate owner— especially after having to deal with Froyo for so long. One thing you all should note though— the update (as with most older Samsung phone updates) will not be pushed over-the-air. You’ll have to use Samsung’s Kies software (insert wisecrack or sarcastic comment here). Fortunately, Sammy includes detailed and straightforward instructions to help make the update process just about fool-proof. Captivate owners hit the link below for full instructions and be sure to let us know how that sweet Gingerbread feeling feels like in the Comments section.

[via Samsung]

About the Author: Roy Alugbue

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  • Will Strain

    Umm has samsung fixed the issue where kies update doesnt work on 64 bit machines? 

  • Anonymous

    @Will Strain – Was that issue a captivate specific one? Because for the Froyo update I absolutely did it through kies on win7 64 bit with no issues

    • Will Strain

      IDK when i tried to update on my 64 bit laptop it bricked my phone. 

      • Anonymous

        weird. seems like something that would have caused big news since many people are using 64 bit OS’s nowadays. maybe a one off issue with your phone or laptop.

        also forgot to mention but i have the vibrant, not captivate.. but that shouldnt change how kies works

    • Roy Alugbue™

      Completely agree fasterthantheworld. @Will Strain, you should try running the update on another machine. Shouldn’t matter if you’re updating on a 64-bit laptop or 32-bit laptop.

  • Elliotm77

    @google-342524e62797fc832d78457a7195a846:disqus Is that why my dang phone won’t update?

  • thatguy

    64bit os here as well , hard bricked my phone for the second time , first time was upgrading to 2.2 quite awhile back . This whole experience has driven me away from samsung and at&t forever . It’s an absolute joke and pathetic . I followed the instructions to the letter .