The Android Market now has over 400,000 apps

It took roughly 30 months for the Android Market to reach 200,000 apps, but it took only 10 months for it to pass 400,000. Growth isn’t bad in the Android world, but we have to admit it has moved a little slower than Apple’s app store. Apple’s App Store has grown faster, but things are narrowing. For example, Apple was able to achieve 200,000 apps in 9 less months, but it took them only 2 months less for achieving 400,000 apps.

It’s clear developers have favored Apple in the early going, but it’s looking like things are starting to change as Android app numbers are growing faster than Apple over the last few months. Apple still has roughly 20 to 25% more apps, but with Android devices dominating the market share worldwide, the Apple App Store should be in the rear view mirror sometime this year.

Either way, both platforms will continue to grow and offer a lot to their respective consumers.

[via distimo through androidandme]

  • Odd

    390 00 of em are either useless, fart/zit/urination games, rip off of other games/apps or downright bad.

    The more apps doesn’t make it better. You need fewer, but better apps. Remember 1983.

  • yomama

    I agree with odd.  More is not better.  And, you should be able to say the exact percentage instead of some vague 20-25%.  Worst android news site on the web.  I don’t know why I keep you in my Google reader.  I guess it’s one of those things where they say don’t look…but you have too.

    • Tyler

      Worst android news site on the web? Wow a little extreme there. I’d have to strongly disagree with you.. As a blogger myself in the Android niche, I am a regular reader and fan of Talkandroid and feel they definitely have one of the best sites out there. So what if they didn’t give the EXACT percentage, seems you are nitpicking just a bit.

  • S Obaidullah

    but most of the reputed blogs reported almost a month back that android market has hit 500,000 apps. So I am a little confused ? 

    • Jack Holt

      Do we have links?