You Can Now Track Santa on Your Android Phone With the New NORAD App

It’s that time of year again when all the good little boys and girls receive a visit from jolly ol’ Santa Clause during his yearly world wide giving spree. As long as you are on his good list, you might be interested  in tracking his whereabouts.

NORAD, the folks who have taken on the task of tracking Santa, have been doing so since 1955 and want to make it easier this year for us Android owners. The new app, NORAD, can be found in the Android Market and will allow you access to Santa’s flight path beginning on Christmas Eve. Once downloaded, you will notice a timer that, when reaches 0:00, means he has left the North Pole. From there you will be able to monitor his travel on the NORAD’s built in map.

In order to keep you and your children occupied while the timer is counting down, the NORAD app includes a cute little “Elf Toss” game for you added enjoyment. You can also find some educational that will give some real insight into NORAD’s broader mission (their duties go way beyond spying on bearded old men in red velvet suits). Jump past the break for a screenshot and links to the free download.

Remember, you can also search the word ‘Santa’ in Google Maps on Christmas eve for a glimpse at his location.

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