AT&T Zero charger now available, will save you energy

You’re all probably thinking “Oh great, a USB wall charger, what’s the big deal?” Well this USB charger has a few tricks up its sleeve, with the best trick being that it will shut itself off when it’s no longer charging whatever is plugged into it, making it 100% energy efficient when not charging. Other features of the AT&T Zero charger include:

  • 100% energy-efficient when not charging a phone
  • 74% energy efficient when charging (Energy Star level V)
  • 5 volts
  • 1 amp
  • Single USB port
  • Almost universal compatibility – use from one outlet with various devices (phones, iPods, BLUETOOTH® headsets, and more)
  • New charging features with no price increase (huh?)
  • Eco-friendly charging choice

Not bad huh? In celebration of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, AT&T is currently offering the Zero charger with a 40% discount as well.

[via at&t]

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    Any plans for a Canadian release?