Eric Schmidt Never Said “Nexus” Tablet

I think, before it gets further speculated anymore, we need to clarify something on the whole “Nexus Tablet”   Note that when Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt made a  comment to an Italian paper regarding a tablet, nowhere in the statement will you find the word “Nexus”.  Thanks to Google Translate, this is what was said:

“We in the next six months plan to market a tablet of the highest quality.”

Just to reiterate, there was never any mention of the word “Nexus” though many just assumed or implied it.  Just goes to show you how strongly the word Nexus is when associated to a Google product release.  But recall that Google has been down this road before when they partnered with Motorola to release the Motorola Xoom tablet.  No Nexus there either and yet it was a device with no carrier branding or bloatware and came with an unlock-able bootloader.  So, it’s completely possible Google could very well be getting ready to market an awesome tab for the masses.  The moral of the story however, is don’t go putting words in others’ mouths.  Feel free to speculate further about the tablet in our comments section below.

[via Android Central]

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