[Update] Check Out the Google Music Blowout for $4.99 Albums and $0.49 Tracks… Over 10 Million Tracks!!

**Update: There are now over 10 million tracks that are at this low discounted price so I would recommend going out and snagging as many as you can!

I don’t know about you folks, but every so often I get the urge to listen to new or different music. My favorite bands will forever rock my playlists but sometimes they get tired and need a rest too. However, I really don’t feel like dropping my money in iTunes. I could use the Amazon MP3 store but given the Android Market’s newly released music section and my music-in-the-cloud player of choice, Google Music, I felt it was time to give this section a whirl.

Well just my luck, Google and the Android Market have a music blowout going on where you can get albums for $4.99 and tracks for just 49 cents. If you are looking for Christmas albums for this week’s festivities then you’re in luck as they have a bunch of those. If you aren’t they have other albums from Nirvana, The Roots, and the like, as well.

So while I have no idea how long this blowout sale will last, you should probably head over there  now and check it out. You can do that be heading over to the Android Market or by clicking the source below. Also if you are tired of lugging around a dedicated mp3 player and a phone, you can learn how to use your phone as your primary media device for these newly purchased songs by going here. Enjoy!

[via The Android Market by Twitter]

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    Too bad all that music sucks shit. Why report on stupid shit like this when you could focus on more important news?