BREAKING: Google Announces GSM Nexus S Owners Will Taste Android 4.0 Sweetness Starting Today

GSM Nexus S owners will have reason to smile today. Sure you may not have the hottest phone of the year, but remember your phone will still get VIP treatment courtesy of Google. You may remember that we mentioned recently how Google had their employees who were also Nexus S owners taste that 4.0 glory. We expected the official ICS update to be released soon— though “soon” was anybody’s guess– until today. Google has officially spilled the beans and announced they’ll begin rolling out the Android 4.0 update for GSM Nexus S owners via their Twitter page:

“We’re rolling out Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, to GSM/UMTS Nexus S devices over the coming month, starting today:

Today is certainly a joyous day for the lucky few of you who have the GSM version of the device. While the rollout begins today and will arrive for some within the next month, it’s a safe guess that owners will receive the update much sooner than later. Other versions of the Nexus S should expect an update in the immediate future, but let’s allow the GSM owners to have their brief shine in the spotlight, shall we? After all– they will be the only ones with that (official) ICS treat besides Galaxy Nexus owners. Be sure to check out the link below for full info of the update features for the Nexus S.

**Update we now have the zip file which includes the Nexus S Ice Cream Sandwich update which could be found here for GSM owners who are ambitious and just can’t wait!**

Android 4.0 for Nexus S help page

[via Google Nexus Twitter]

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  • Tenkely

    You win!

  • odd

    Woooot! I’ll check out my phone every few minutes now :D

  • Steve Nova

    What is GSM?

  • Nexus

    My Nexus S is UMTS but you only talk about the GSM version…The Google tweet says GMS/UMTS, so I assume that it’s for BOTH these versions.

    You find out your version by going to Settings, About Phone, Status and Mobile Network Type, right?

  • Ryan

    Have T-Mobile, downloaded and installed via the instructions over at the XDA-Developers forums. Easy, took 5 minutes and then proceeded to update everything needed.

    My only “complaints” so far is now the face buttons are damn near pointless, and on the virtual keyboard the top bar no longer scrolls through quick-keys (I used to do smileys really quick that way) but keeps the same 5 quick keys atop. And I want to eliminate the Google Search bar that stays at the top of the screen, but can’t figure out how.

    Other than that, it’s quite glorious. Having customizable “hot buttons” across the bottom is amazing, as is the ability to group favorite apps into those four positions.

  • kisszso

    I have some problem with the new ICS.
    – Freezing search bar 
    – Slower to compare 2.3.4