GTA III Comes to Android For Its 10th Anniverssary


Listen up GTA’ers. GTA III has finally landed on Android. Rockstar Games has released Grand Theft Auto 3 to the market, in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the game. This isn’t a remake, it’s the real deal, just optimized for play on touch screen devices. I wasted no time this morning downloading it and giving it a quick one over on my 10.1 Tab. It looks awesome. Not ground-shaking graphics, but cool nonetheless.

Rockstar did a fantastic job of bringing this to Android. Controls are a little weird, but then again I’m used to having a controller in my hands playing this game. Fret not though, Rockstar did think of that while making it and the game does support a USB controller as long as your device does. Hit up the QR code or the Market link for quick access to the game. Let us know in the comments, if you plan on picking it up. Is this your first time playing it or are you just getting it for the nostalgia of having it?


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About the Author: Spencer McClendon

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  • Allwynjk


    • David Russell

      No, $4.99

  • Ickyfehmleh

    Ground-shaking, not “shacking”.  Nonetheless, not “non-the-less”.

    I’d love to see Vice City available but I can’t imagine playing this on my EVO’s relatively tiny 4.3″ screen.

  • Demonwall74

    got better games already.
    10 years to late on market hehe

  • Ivan Samuelson

    Careful with this. With the wonderful 15 minute purchase, you’ll NEVER get your refund. There is another 400mb of download that must occur after the initial app, from what I’ve read, so by the time you get all that installed and then find it doesn’t work, you are out of luck.

    I love how the Droid X2 is listed as being compatible to run this, yet when I go to the Android Market and bring up the GTA 3 app, it says that it’s NOT compatible with my X2 but it IS compatible with my previous Droid, an LG Vortex which is an ARM6 processor with a 500mhz speed and is NOT a Tegra processor.

    What gives there, Rockstar?

    • a farmer

      it dont work on my LG Vortex. it keeps sayin that it couldnt acces some files and to turn off usb shareing, how do you do that?

  • Tomi Parviainen

    Seriously careful with this. Market shows Galaxy S compatible but can’t play. Opening credits work but then just black screen and reboot.
    And no way to refund because of 15 minute policy.

  • Gregory Opera

    Fail- I can’t download this to my Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY (“PlayStation phone”) because it’s not available in Australia!

  • Myblacfriend01

    The game is fantastic on the g2x. The controls work flawlessly and it looks great on my 4’in screen. Even better on hdmi. 5stars rockstar, thanks you.

  • Jds2318

    i got it on the motorola electrify and it looks and works great except for when you use the gas pedal it drives for a few seconds and then just shuts off with your finger still on the gas pedal. anyone know how to fix this?

    • Silvio

      How did you fixed this, i have the same problem after playing 1 week? Thx!