Verizon To Possibly Purchase Netflix for $4.6 Billion? Say it Ain’t So

Stories continue to surface according to some investment bankers  who have it in with Verizon that the carrier is looking to possibly place a bid and snatch the popular streaming video service, Netflix, for $4.6 Billion.  According to the source, Big Red is beginning to monitor ways of snatching up profits and slashing costs when it comes to video streaming services like Netflix, hoping to expand its offerings beyond just Fios.  And according to the report, if the deal occurs, it will most likely occur around April of next year.  I’m completely against the acquisition of course in fear that Verizon my take the popular product and only make it native to their own devices.  Only time will tell and who knows, it’s possible we could see vast improvements and integration with the app as well.  I’m not trying to be a complete pessimist, I just can’t see Verizon playing fair with this one for some reason.  However, we’ll be keeping a sharp eye on this one, so stay tuned to Talk Android.  And now you can sort of gather how much of a dependency I have when it comes to being able to access Netflix on all of my devices :)

[via Bloomberg]