National Transportation Safety Board Recommends Nation-Wide cellphone Ban for Drivers

Alright folks, buckle your seat belts and put down your mobile phone. Actually that’s exactly what the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) wants you to do and recommends that all US states ban the use of cellphones while driving. Now this doesn’t mean that they want you to stop using navigation or music playback, they are gearing this more towards texting and making phone calls without the use of a hands-free method. The following quote from the NTSB sums it up fairly well:

The safety recommendation specifically calls for the 50 states and the District of Columbia to ban the non-emergency use of portable electronic devices (other than those designed to support the driving task) for all drivers. The safety recommendation also urges use of the NHTSA model of high-visibility enforcement to support these bans and implementation of targeted communication campaigns to inform motorists of the new law and heightened enforcement.

Although I am sometimes guilty of such an act (my girlfriend punishingly reminds me), I think this law should be in effect and nation-wide as well. If you have a decent Bluetooth headset or an in-car set-up, there should be no reason for distracting yourself while driving with your cellphone. You can even text with speech-to-text apps such as Vlingo, that don’t even require you to touch your phone. I have no excuse for breaking my states law and deserve the punishment if I were to get caught.

Thousands of people have been killed or injured due to drivers being ‘occupied’ by their phones, when in reality all attention should be devoted to the road. This recommendation from the NTSB stemmed from an accident in 2010 that involved a truck, 2 school buses and a teenager who had been sending text messages while driving. The crash killed two children and injured 38, reason enough for me to support a nation wide law against the use of cellphones while driving. I will definitely have to change my driving habits moving forward and I am going to make an honest attempt at doing so.

What are your thoughts, for or against?

[via NTSB]


About the Author: Stacy Bruce

Stacy Bruce was born and raised in Spokane Washington. He attended the University of Washington to study pre-med only to change his course study a year later to forensic science. Although currently not a doctor or a scientist, some believe he posseses the knowledge of both. He was a resident of San Diego California for ten years, lived beachside and sometimes wonders why the hell he moved back to Spokane. A multi-talented man, Stacy is a fabricator, an artist, a gear head, a tech junkie and at most, the disciple of Casanova. Growing up, he was always enthralled with electronics, gadgets and gizmos. Throughout his life he has had one, if not two, of every cool and new electronic device available. He began his smartphone experience with the original iPhone. After realizing it was more like theirPhone, he decided he wanted the ability to customize, so Stacy moved to the OG Droid and has been a loyal Android fanatic ever since. Moving through all of the top tier Verizon phones, he recently retired his Droid Charge in favor of the Galaxy Nexus, only to wonder what great device Samsung will come out with next. Stacy is a busy new homeowner in where he lives with his beautiful girlfriend and two dogs.

  • Anonymous

    I read in an another article on the web that they want to ban handsfree too!!  If that happens will the ban cover all passengers using them too?

    • Jack Holt

      They do want to ban hands free devices as well and no, it only affects the driver, and passengers are able to use devices as normal.

  • conmeo concho

    i’m agree with these ban. even with hand free kits.
    if you are on the phone. flirting with someone. you put all your effort into that conversation.
    or you are angry with someone on the phone. it effect your driving style as well.
    as you are on a business phone call.
    all call is important.
    that’s why it’s effect your driving skill.

  • Valerie

    I agree 200%. Even using a phone handsfree takes attention from the road – and the person you are talking to cannot see or make allowances for the driving conditions as passengers can. I read from some British and Australian reports that your reactions are even slower when using a phone than they are when you’re drunk or under the influence of drugs. 

  • Paulschweiz

    This is simple the reality.. Human driving and phone (multitasking) was in the evolution not includet..