It Had A Long Life: T-Mobile Discontinues G1

It’s sad, but true. You can look all you want, but the only chance you have at buying a new G1 is the hope that someone bought a bunch of the phones and is hoping they turn into a collectible. Everyone should take a moment of silence and think about what the first Android powered phone  has done for us since it’s release date back in November of 2008.

Since the release of the HTC G1, there have been 8,450,420 Android handsets sold worldwide (from 2008 to the end of 2009). There have been over 40 Android powered handsets since the G1 and they are sold to over 40 countries worldwide. There are currently around 160,000 android devices being activated each day (Google Vice President announced during the Droid X event), although I do think that number is a slight exaggeration.  After the first quarter of 2010, Android now takes up 28% of the handheld market, second only to RIM. I could continue, but I think you see what I am trying to get at. The G1 paved the way for Android’s astounding growth in such a short time.

It lasted longer than many other Android phones, including the Nexus One, Google’s brainchild that only lasted 7 months. The Nexus One did have many marketing flaws that were the reason for its failure, but I think it has to be said that it lasted longer than a phone many people thought would be the iPhone Killer.

Do you remember when the G1 was released? When Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page joined the press conference in roller blades? Brin explained the  first Android application he created used the accelerometer to time how long an Android handset was in the air. Look at how far Android has come since then.

[via: Information Week]

  • Andrew

    I’m still using mine!

    My contract expires in September – I’ve had it for nearly 18 months.

    Things certainly have progressed in that short space of time. When looking at the latest offerings, my G1 looks comparatively ancient.

    I’m not sure what to get as its replacement next month, but it’s going to contain a processor that is at least twice the clockspeed of what I’m used to. I’m going to notice that, for sure. HTC Desire, perhaps? Or the Motorola Droid X if it is ever announced to be arriving in the UK. I might have to settle for the similar Milestone XT720 if not. One thing this makes me realise is how much choice there is now!