Google IO 2015 Coverage

Day 8 Of Google’s 10 Billion App Download Celebration, 10 New Apps For 10 Cents Each!

Today is Day 8 of Google’s 10 Billion app downloads celebration. There are some new apps and some repeats as well. It’s time to share with you all the new list of apps available for you all to download for you guessed it, 10¢ each. For whatever reason, Google is showing 12 apps for today.

Alternatively, you can hit this link to get all of them on one page. Well go on. Time is wasting folks!


  • Guillermo Martinez

    I played Where’s my water app on my friend’s tablet. It is very fun and addicting. Must get it now on Android Market while its cheap. :P

    • Roy Alugbue

      Hey Guillermo I agree! The game has been incredibly addictive so far!