[Leak] DROID 4 landing page revealed at DroidDoes.com

We’re expecting the DROID 4 to land on Verizon just in time for Christmas, on December 22. Since it has already passed the FCC, we’re hopeful this date will hold. To give further proof that Verizon is getting ready for a release, the below image was uncovered from the DroidDoes.com site after a reader noticed the DROID 4 link on the DROID 3 landing page.  This will eventually be part of the landing page for the DROID 4. Could we see the slide-out QWERTY 4G LTE beast before the Galaxy Nexus? Nothing would surprise me at this point.

[via droid-life]



  • Spike

    Any news as to if this bad boy is coming to the UK? I’m still using the MIlestone 2 (Droid 2) and it’s pathetic now, need more power and a bigger screen!