HTC Sense Can Ride In The Trunk, ADW Launcher EX Will Drive From Now On

Now, as catchy as my title may sound, all of us HTC owners can think of a more and to the point, (vulgar) thing to say about the Sense UI. Believe me I wrote a few different tittles that said exactly what I was thinking, but alas, this is still a publication and I must refrain from being vulgar, no matter how called for, it really is.

I’ve had the HTC Evo Shift 4G for about a year and a half now. I really do like the phone. Excellent hardware for what I need, and I’ve never had any major issues with it, that didn’t involve the Sense UI. I’ve had to replace it twice, once when it was stolen, and the second time I droped it and broke the screen. I would like to say that it still functioned like it was brand new. It had a screen protector over the screen when it broke, so I never lost any of the glass pieces, which allowed it to still work for another 3 months, when I could afford to replace it. My beef is in no way with the phone, or its quality, it is a solid piece of hardware, in my opinion. Sense on the other hand is half-crap, half-decent start.If you want to hear more and find out my solution to the Sense UI, continue reading on past the break.

When I first bought the phone and had very few apps running on it I never had a problem with it. Then came the first OTA update which added a new quick access feature in the drop down notification bar. That allowed faster access to my WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS…. etc. You know all the stuff you need but don’t need on your home screens. It was a solid idea and I like the function of it still to today. However with this new feature came a small problem, (at the time) that when I either used the back button to return to the home screen, or used the home button itself, I would get a white screen that says loading. This only happened once every so often, maybe three times a week. Not to bad, annoying but I can deal.

Fast-forward to the last 5 months. I have just under 80 apps on the phone. All are a must keep no extra B.S. apps that waste space. Close to 40MB of free space on the phone and 1GB on the SD card. You think the problem is gone? Not even close, it is worse, every time, let me repeat that, every time I hit the home button or the back button too, I get the white screen. I have come to refer to it as the white screen of hell. It used to only take a few seconds to finally load, now it can take up to a minute. This is and has been my biggest complaint about my phone. That was, until I heard about ADW Launcher EX. Check out these screen shots.

ADW Launcher EX is a home replacement app for your device. You know, the UI (i.e. Sense) most manufactures lay over the Android OS to give it there own distinctive touch. We usually refer to it as bloat-ware. ADW has revolutionized the love for my phone once again. I remember when I first got my phone, I didn’t set it down for almost a week checking out the new features. ADW has brought that back to me, it’s like I bought a brand new phone all over again. The customizations that ADW offers is astounding, and there are many different themes to chose from in the Android Market.

I personally like Honeycomb ADW Theme  and  Iron Man ADW Theme . Both are simple themes and are free. There are plenty others to choose from, I am just a simple man and these were good enough for me.  ADW Launcher EX was recently part of the 10 Billion App Celebration, and that’s were I picked it up for .10 cents. Sadly, it has returned to it’s original price of $3.32, but even at that price it is more than worth it. It has been two days since I first downloaded ADW, I can honestly say they have been the best two days since I first bought the Shift, and I haven’t seen the white screen of hell “Sense“. ;-)

Sense is no longer running a muck on my phone. Now I only use three home screens, when ADW allows you to have more. My dock-bar is filled with every app I use on a daily basis, and has room for unlimited apps. The apps that I still need to use but don’t that often are now grouped together and in folders on my main home screen. I have access to 33 of my main used apps on the main home screen. Either on the page itself, within a folder or in my dock. There is no need to slide to another page or the main app folder, it is all now right were I want it. My other two screens now are free to use the widgets for Gmail, Twitter, and calendar.

I have never been more satisfied with an app then I am with ADW Launcher EX. By far it is in the Top 5 apps of 2011 for me. I just wish I would have discovered it sooner.

Let us know if you picked up ADW in the Celebration sale, and what you thought of it in the comments section.


About the Author: Spencer McClendon

Spencer McClendon is a Criminal Justice student attending Front Range Community College in Fort Collins, Colorado. He hopes to transfer to Colorado State University after he achieves his Associates Degree, and ultimately wishes to be his own boss in the security sector. He is a long time native of Colorado and enjoys the great outdoors of Colorado. He spends his free time long-boarding and hiking.

  • Gareth_t

    sense is awesome you just suck

    • Albert Rabuyo

      I’m not picking a fight, but.. Sense ‘used’ to be awesome. With a gorgeous looking UI and all. But now that Google themselves decided to go with a minimalist, metro-look, Sense kind of became.. over the top. Peace.

  • Mompirritovillalba

    I agree that sense UI is sometimes laggy, and at first it was a good UI because of it Widgets, but with all the different apps that have same functionality as the sense Widgets I think is not worth it to have sense UI.

  • Willywill1982

    The EVO SHIFT 4G hasn’t been out for 1&1/2 years. Also, why buy a Sense UI enabled device to hate on it and install bloatware applications to cover it up?

  • snarf attack

    I tried it for the $.10. Go Launcher and Launcher Pro are worlds better IMNSHO. Both have many more options for customization. Go Launcher has all the cool widgets to compete with sense. I’m sticking with Launcher Pro for right now ’cause Go Launcher has 5 pixels at the top of the homepages that it refuses to let go of that my OCD will not tolerate. Launcher Pro seems to have been abandoned by its developer. 

  • Rebelbanker

    Sounds like you should either root it and clean it up or do a master reset. Between the cloud and SD storage, rebuilding your setup on fresh software is not so hard to do. 

    Just sayin’.

  • Mark Skrzypczyk

    I tinkered with some home replacements in a possible preparation for going for a AOSP rom on my Desire. Like Snarf Attack I settled on Go Launcher EX and haven’t looked backed. Originally I was running alongside/instead of Sense but since going fully S-Off I have been able to load Cyanogen and completely rid my phone of Sense! Incidentally that comes with ADW Launcher as the default and whilst it looked nice I just preferred the options and customization in GLEX.

    I think this just yet agains go to show why Android is so awesome, just try this shit on a certain other popular “smart”phone and I’m sure you’d never get anywhere close to it but maybe that’s what differentiates ‘droid and iOS users – where just a bunch of geeky tinkerers :-)

  • Saul Moleman

    a muck? what the hell is a muck?