Android Market Infographic Details the Road to 10 Billion App Downloads

Right now, Google is celebrating a huge milestone in Android Market history. A few days ago the big G announced that the market has reached 10 billion (with a b) downloads and decided to offer popular apps for only 10 cents over a period of 10 days (be sure to check back with us daily for the days list).

To add the the excitement, the Android Developers team has compiled a fact filled infographic that details the path to 10 billion downloads and also includes a few random fun stats as well. Congrats Android! It’s been a fun ride and we look forward to what you have in store for us in the future. :-D

Jump past the break to see the full image because you wont belive how many miles have been navigated using Google maps!

[via Android Developers Blog]


  • Suresh_Babu

    Android is worshiped across the globe and the growth pace shows the admirers. Cool way to show the milestone reached! Congrats G..