Android apps soon to be charged to your carrier bill

Ever been frustrated because you wanted an app, but didn’t have the money in your account to pay for it right then and there? Well, put your frustrations in a bottle, because you can now pass those charges right along to your carrier bill. Can you say “budget”?

That’s right, we’ll all be more likely to blow a gasket when our cell phone bills arrive. According to the Android Developers Blog, the option will now be available during a paid app checkout to pay later, at which point the charges will be move over to your cell phone bill to be paid with the rest of your carrier charges. Just remember to keep an eye on it, or maybe keep a list… $10 doesn’t always sound that bad when you don’t have to pay it on the spot.

[via Android Developers Blog]

  • Roger

    TMO USA already has this in place, paid for Robo Defense via my carrier bill.

  • kevin

    I guess we’re not gonna see this anytime soon in the Netherlands.. I dont think this is a solid idea, same principal as people buying a car with loaned money… dolly am ericans

  • curse

    In Sweden we don’t even have paid apps on the market, let’s hope we at least get that, then worry on how to pay. On other platforms we can pay through the carrier though, as for games etc sold by “3”(my carrier)