Poll: Does your Droid X lose reception like Apple shows?

Apple has recently released a video showing how even the mighty Droid X is not invulnerable to the way you grip the phone and lose reception.


With that being said, do you notice that the grip on your Droid X has an effect on reception? Vote in our poll and let us know.

  • http://brodon.net Donald Moeser

    The Stevemeister is grasping for straws.

    The success of the X gets to him as bad as Glen Beck gets to Socialist.

  • curse

    well, on a place with bad reception, as that seems to be(only 2-3 bars), moving the phone a few millimeters in any direction can give better or worse reception, anyone with a mobile phone have had the “stiff neck” problem(where you have to hold your head in an uncomfortable way, because there is where the reception is).
    It would be different if the video was from somewhere with full reception and if holding the phone in a special way, it went down.

  • Eddie

    Sorry but I switched to Verizon to get the X and the bars were NEVER steady. No dropped calls but worse, Verizon’s reliable network couldn’t authenticate my X for a whole week.

    So I gave up and got an iPhone 4. Flawless. X is a great phone and I have no issues with Android but Verizon was a MAJOR letdown. Overrated!!!!