Steampunk Skull Live Wallpaper

Here’s a live wallpaper that’s a little bit different than your probably used to, Steampunk Skull. Offered in both paid and free versions, this live wallpaper adds some edge to any tablet or smartphone and can be found in the Android Market.

At first I tried the free version and loved it so much that I decided to get the paid version that costs only $1.49. Both wallpapers feature the same image that you see above, a steampunk style skull with moving gears and lighting effects that all change with touch interaction. While looking at the wallpaper without touching your screen, the gears move at a slow constant pace and the light tube thing on the left produces an evenly glowing wavelength. Upon swiping left or right on the screen you will notice the gears change pace and the old school light bulb starts to flicker with an eerie glow, that’s my favorite kind of LW, the ones that change with touch interaction.

There are a few differences between the free and paid versions and the measly price of $1.49 is well worth the upgrade. The paid version allows for 6 different themes and has customization options that are not available on the free version. If you’re the type to frequently change your wallpaper than the paid version is probably for you. A simple double tap of the background will cycle through the themes and there is bound to be a color/gear combo to suit any mood. To check out this live wallpaper hit one of the links below. I suggest that you give the free version a spin and if you like it then support the developers and go with the paid.

Android Market (free)


Android Market (paid)


YouTube Preview Image

  • Cat Spencer

    Great review, thanks!

  • Lespaul30somthin

    Am I the only one who had a force close upon opening this paid live app… .. Razr