Motorola Releases Car Finder App for DROID RAZR (Plus I Explain How to do Virtually the Same Thing on Any Device with Google Maps)

For those of you DROID RAZR owners who live in larger cities (or those with poor memory), Motorola has released a car finder app that allows to to locate your vehicle after parking in spot that may be hard to find again. In the city where I live, I can’t imagine a real need for such an app, but for those who live in areas with huge parking lots, I could imagine this coming in hand. I picture going to Magic Mountain or some place similar where this might actually be of use.

The application is called Motorola Car Finder and can be found as a free download in the Android Market. This is one of many car finder apps out there but this one is designed to work with the DROID RAZR with further device support coming in the future. I tried downloading this to another device (DROID Charge), and while I was able to install it, it was unusable because a Motorola navigation dock was not present.

Similar to many other car finder applications, you can pinpoint your parking location via GPS and even log a couple pictures and voice memos for later reference. Once you are ready to return to your car, simply pull up the app and the GPS will guide you back to your ride without question. I guess one caveat could be if you were parked underground or somewhere where a GPS signal would be hard to obtain, then you may find it near impossible for this app to function properly. If you are in an area with adequate GPS signal then this app may handy with such features as:

– Customize your view by toggling between satellite or map view
– Take a photo to remind you of your parking location
– Enter a memo about where you parked
– Record a quick voice note about your car’s location when you’re in a hurry
– Be guided by a large compass arrow when walking to your car
– Obtain walking, driving or transit directions back to your car’s location
– Remember where you parked while traveling by viewing a time stamped history of your saved parking locations (rename your location by long pressing on any saved location)

For those of you still reading who don’t own a RAZR, you might be surprised to know that you may already have a similar solution already installed on you phone. I am not sure if you knew this but you can use Google maps to do essentially the same things but without all the bells and whistles of Moto’s new app. If you simply enable your GPS settings and open the Google Maps app, you can mark your current location as “My place” and pull that up later when you’re ready to return to it. Google maps will then guide you back to your preset location via GPS, similar to Moto’s app without the added functions. Here, let me break it down real quick like.

So your parked, right? Okay, now you open Google Maps and look for the blue arrow designating your current location. Hit that arrow and a bubble will appear, tap that bubble and then press the grey star in the upper right corner (star will turn yellow). You have just marked your current location as a “My Place” which gets saved for future reference. When you are ready to return to that “My Place”, open your Google Maps app again and press the phones menu button. From there all you need to do is hit the ‘More’ button then select the “My Places” tab. Now you just select the location that you just previously saved and tell the app to give you walking navigation directions to that location. It’s that easy! Google Maps Is generally pretty accurate and while it might not guide you directly to your car, it should get you within spotting distance. Give it a try sometime, you might be surprised!

For those who just want the link for the new Moto RAZR app, I appologize for rambling on and your download links are below. :-D

Android Market


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