Steve Wozniak Makes Surprise Visit To GooglePlex, Leaves With Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich T-Shirt

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak recently stopped by the GooglePlex. Yes you read that right, the GooglePlex… go figure. Perhaps he was making a friendly visit meeting the fine folks at Google and wanted to see the fine Android staff in action. Well, the folks at Google not only welcomed Wozniak with open arms, but they gave him a a heck of a parting gift. How about a brand new Galaxy Nexus phone and Ice Cream Sandwich t-shirt as a parting gift? Wozniak is generally held in high regards by the Android community, so it shouldn’t be too unusual to see him making rounds at Google and getting some love. Next time I’m at the GooglePlex, I do expect to get my Ice Cream Sandwich shirt since Wozniak got one.

[via Google+]

  • Curt

    Woz has already admitted that he had other phone devices other than iPhone….. he likes new technology and since he no longer works at Apple, he can do what he wants :D

  • Mike Minor

    They should have invited Steve Jobs down for the same tour.

  • Kwan Nam

     Roy Alugbue, when are you going? Let me tag along I need one of those too :-)

  • Jon

    If I went there, would I get the phone and shirt? Shirt, maybe …