Verizon may only offer the 16GB version of the Galaxy Nexus

The Galaxy Nexus page on Google has been updated with a pretty interesting change. Previously it showed the Verizon 4G LTE version in both the 16GB and 32GB models (shown as 16GB/32GB). As of right now, its only showing the 16GB version. I think that’s plenty of storage for most people, but I know there are a lot of people concerned with the fact that there is no microSD card slot for added storage.

Thankfully we have Google Music for cloud storage. Unfortunately many new Verizon customers won’t have unlimited data, but then again Verizon was nice enough to offer double data for those eligible for the upgrade. So do you guys think 16GB will be enough?

[via google from phandroid]


  • verizon hater

    With all of the ridiculous delays, corporate branding and (removable) bloatware, the AT&T/T-Mobile Nexus is sounding like a viable alternative.

  • Brian M. Foley

    16GB with no Micro SD card slot = NO! That would be Google moving in the direction of Apple. Limit the product because it’s what the company is telling the consumer what they want. Apple failed in the 90’s because of this. I hope Google is not going down this path…

  • Mick

    Constant delays + 16gb w/ no SD + bloatware on a “pure google” phone + no flash + (maybe) $299 price = FAIL. Will probably go buy a Razr. If iPhone 4s were 4g I would sell my soul and buy one of those out of spite, this is BS.

  • Anonymous

    I read this site, but until now, haven’t registered.
    This is so disappointing. I was excited to get back to a “pure Google experience” w/the new Nexus (I had G1, OG Droid, Vibrant, and now the Bionic), but am entirely fed up w/the (admittedly unofficial) delays, ditching of the removable storage, gutting of the “pure” experience (regardless of how little “bloat” there may be…which still remains to be seen), etc.
    16GB is NOT enough if you do much video w/the phone (movies on the phone for travels, record video in HD, etc.)…32GB is barely enough for much video. With all the carriers doing away with unlimited data, the cloud is essentially DOA, as far as the idea of being able to stream all your media anytime you have a connection (wasn’t that the whole idea of the cloud in the first place?!)
    If Verizon doesn’t carry the 32GB version, it would seem a simple ploy to placate the idea of having the iPhone w/the largest internal capacity on the network (conspiracy theory?…maybe).
    I had planned on selling my Bionic and getting the Nexus, but seriously, I think I’m going to just hold onto it. I like it, regardless of the screen (I don’t have a major problem w/it actually).
    Limited Storage + Limited Data + No Flash + Forcing Preinstalled Apps = iOS(ish)
    Yes, we can root…and iOS can jailbreak, even though it is easier w/Nexus.
    Just watch…this “Nexus” will probably NOT get the OS updates as quickly as previous generations for those who choose not to root. No matter how “small” the bloat is, it’s still bloat and will need to be updated to be run w/OS updates, delaying the update itself, and giving more control to the carrier once again.

    Rant over…for now.