Quick Look At Amazon’s Free App Of The Day: Eve OF Genesis HD

Oh Amazon, I love it when you give me games like Eve Of Genesis for free. I am an old “Final Fantasy Junkie.” It has been a while since I have seen or played a game that reminds me so well, of “Final Fantasy.” The game opens with you getting a back story about how humans were beaten by the machines (golems) some 2000 years ago. Well we all know how things go from there.

One adventures girl is determined to find out if the rumors of the machines attacking humans are true. Of course it’s up to your character to go after her. In doing so you discover that the rumors are true, and the human race is in danger once again. Check out the screen shots and the rest of my review after the break.

I played this game for about 45 minutes this morning and had to pull myself away from it. This is one of the better RPG’s out there and that is giving credit to Kotobuki Solution Co. as they have made another RPG that I liked called Symphony of Eternity. Both games have their own niche, and Eve of Genesis really nails the old school experience. I have it running on both My HTC EVO Shift as well as my Tab 10.1,  it runs well on both.

Game play controls are OK. However I would like to see some work done on them in future updates, as the control stick for moving you character around  is a little laggy at times. This was the only beef I had with the game in the 45 minutes I’ve played it. So if you like RPG’s and you’re an old school junkie like me, I encourage you to checkout the source for the game. If you don’t have the Amazon App Store check out our Quick Tips Page for all the details.

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About the Author: Spencer McClendon

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