Who Needs to Look While Typing? BlindType Users Don’t!

Yep, just when you thought having a hardware keyboard was the only way to touch type, BlindType demos their new creation that intelligently shapes, re-sizes, and interprets your typing no matter how crazy according to the video below, and makes typing error-free simple! I really can’t even hope to describe how awesome this thing really is. The video explains that the software automatically learns your typing style. You can type with a static keyboard for looks, have a moving resizing keyboard to see what the software is interpreting, or just have the keyboard go away completely! I really like where this software is going, and personally I can’t wait to start trying it out!If you want to, you can either keep and eye here, or check out their website yourself here!

What do you think? Has your mind been blown? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks to our Tipsters who sent this in!

  • jc

    thats just crazy..no errors ever again,,, and just when we thought it couldnt get any easier than slitit or swype

  • Andy

    If this is seen, does anyone have any idea why the BlindType website is now coming up as “can’t be found”? Has this application died?